Reference Projects- International Projects

Last year, following a strategic option, on Netherlands, Worldlift worked exclusively for Schindler.

For this customer, Worldlift has installed, until now, around 400 elevators. Our teams are expert on all types of lifts: Commodity (Sch 3100; Sch 3300; Sch 5300; Sch 5500; Sch 6200; Sch 6300); Freight and Special (Sch 2400; Sch 2500, Sch 2600 and Custom Modular (Sch 3400; Sch 5400). 

Worldlift was among the first companies to received certificated training to mounting the new product Schindler, the Sch 5500. Last years, on Netherlands, Worldlifts won adjudication of several important projects, as Sint Lucas Andreas Zienkenhuis Project or Hotel Amstelkwartier Project.

         Sint Lucas Andreas project         Hotel Amstelkwartier Project

                Akzo Toren Project


           Kantoor Stibe project              PI2 Zaanstad Project

          Hotel Hogehilweg Project

Major Reference Projects