Reference Projects- Schindler Belgium

In 2015, on Belgium, Worldlift collaborated, on exclusive, with Schindler Belgium. Last year, just for Schinlder Belgium, Worldlift has mounted 88 lifts and have done 10 dismountings.

This collaboration is having a strong focus on Sch 5500.

Our Company  was chosen, by Schindler Belgium, to assure very important projects as Ikea Hasselt, Parking Rer Louvain-La-Neuve, Delhaize and ending UZ Jette Hospital.

              Parking Rer Project                 Val Benoit Project

             Maas Ziekenhuis Project


              Koningin project                    ikea hasselt

                Delhaize projects


         UZ jette Hospital project                   Pogano project                 Aquilagarden project


Other Major Reference Projects